Monday, November 26, 2007


If you are a new comer joining a3, please do not use e-gold for your transaction medium, but use pecunix or e-bullion. It has been experienced by many of A3 members whose accounts are using e-gold transaction that it is very difficult to withdraw. Many have tried to withdraw uncounted times but they failed. They have to wait 3 minutes for another trial of withdrawal and to compete in queue each others.
According to A3 management, e-gold policy has no more allowed multiple transaction in an SCI interface thus making every request of withdrawal be processed one by one.
So, be careful and wise. Use Pecunix for automated withdraw, or use e-bullion for human-assisted process of withdraw at A3!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

May Winners of A3 Cash Giveaway

Cash giveaway: You and A3Union

The Winner

Congratulation for


Won $300 cash

Second Place

Congratulation to

Emmanuel Dambier!

Won $150 cash

Third Place

Congratulation to

Tiranun Srikanchai!

Won $50 cash

Winners for June A3 Cash Giveaway

Cash giveaway: You and A3Union ( 14 July 2007 )

The Winner

Soloiu Ciprian

Won $300 cash

Second Place

Congratulation to
Edson Glienke!

Won $150 cash

Third Place

Congratulation to
Leo A. Bragg!

Won $50 cash

Thursday, July 5, 2007

JUNE News from A3UNION

Phishing treat! ( 30 June 2007 )
There were some attempts to steal our clients access data using phishing website looking like:
Do not visit this link. We never send letters with request of account identity verification. Phishing website has been destroyed.

A3Union Global Scale. ( 26 June 2007 )

Actual Alexa traffic graph for,, websites.

E-Gold to -> E-Bullion exchange ( 26 June 2007 )

No fee.Having a problem converting your e-gold into cash? Convert your e-gold into e-Bullion! A3Union has started offering a new service for all customers. Since 19 Jun 2007 we process e-gold to e-Bullion exchange operations. No charges, no fees, no commissions, receive the exact amount of E-Bullion you have sent E-Gold to A3Union. All transactions take place the same business day they were submitted. In order to make the exchange, submit new ticket to our Customer Service department. Please let us know about sum of transaction ($1,000 is minimum).

OpenTrade! ( 19 June 2007 )

Today A3Union decided to publish 3 trading reports in one , in order to specify that our trading activity results may vary no matter whether it's a profit or loss. Once again, yesterday A3Union Stock Magnet has detected a serious volume increase of BBY, NYSE. After a details tech. analysis of this situation a decision was made to sell short. The positions were covered at $48.02 per share (220,000 shares) on Monday afternoon in order to gain from stock's potential fall. Once the stock has been purchased on Tuesday morning, Electronics retailer Best Buy Co.'s first-quarter earnings fell 18 percent, hurt by weak profits in China and increased sales of lower-margin products such as notebook computers. The stock has been sold short at $45.60. Total gain for this trade - $532,400

Some of the trades A3Union did on Monday before that:

OpenTrade! ( 7 June 2007 )

This week has shown quite positive results on our aggressive trading. On wednesday A3Union Stock Magnet has detected a slight trading volume increase of HyperdYnamics Corp. (HDY:AMEX).The trend looked very promising and 500,000 shares were purchased at the position of $3.16 per share. As the price increased to $3.92 eventually it began to decrease and all shares were sold at market price of $3.85 per share. Then, in order to gain more off this stock, 500K shares were purchased again in the afternoon at $3.50 per share. To be sold next day at $3.87 per share.Our trading team have not stopped at this point. Due to potential recession of the price, same amount of shares have been 'sold short' at $ order to be covered at $3.35 per share. Total gain for two days - $760,000 or 49.1%. So far this is one of the best trading operations we've had.

General information about HDY:
Hyperdynamics Corporation provides energy for the future by exploring and producing sources of energy worldwide. The company's internationally active oil and gas subsidiary, SCS Corporation, owns rights to explore and exploit 31,000 square miles offshore the Republic of Guinea, West Africa. HYD Resources Corporation focuses on domestic production in proven areas.

Friday, June 29, 2007

A3Union Going Private this September 2007

On February 10th 2007 A3Union announced the following, but let us repeat.

A3Union Statement regarding leaving HYIP arena.
Attention! By September Caribbean Software ltd. expect the RepresentingPartners Program's revenue to reach 40% of the total revenue. By autumn 2007Caribbean Software ltd. plan to remove A3Union from so-called HYIPratings, forums and other websites where activity of the company can betreated as extremely risky.
It's very important to understand, that A3Union business activities donot require the constant increase of investors - company expenses can besupported by quite sufficient trading perfomance. If You think that A3Union do not trade or operate like a ponzi - you are not welcome!Send us your account ID, confirm your identity with account password andask us to terminate your account ASAP. You will receive a 100% refund, butit will be last day when You saw A3Union
To people, who trust us. To people who have received their first payout in November and continue to receive their interest since that moment.To people who want to jump out from HYIP arena rules. We are the leaders of High Yeld Industry! This summer CEO will be reporting regardingfuture of A3Union. Don't be surprised on that day if this incrediblefeeling will be shared by A3Union Community in Your City!
2006 -> 2007 -> 2008
Investment. Career. Worldwide.
Local Representative Program Help A3Union - Let You friend know first!
Feel free to submit this statement around the web.


Thank You,
A3 Customer Service,
Jason R Lafferty
+44 (0)207 0992 101

Saturday, June 9, 2007


This is a letter of confirmation regarding the current issue that emerges among Malaysian investors. It assures the investors that A3Union will not be listed among HYIPs that SC Malaysia will block their access.

-----Original Message-----
From: David Forsman []
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2007 2:33 AM
To: xxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: A3 UNION-queiry (from xxxxxx)

As for the mentioned situation. A3Union is a legit company. Regardless of statements of Malaysian SEC, A3Union is not in the listsof the mentioned scam programs.
Each investment is accompanied by a signed loan contract and other legaldocumentation.
Please check the list of the banned programs published at their websiteand you will find out that A3Union is not in the lists and NEVER will be listed there.
We are doing honest investment business here and will never be in those'banned' lists.

Thank you,
David Forsman
CSDC, IBC dba A3Union Asset Manager & LRP Coordinator
tel: +44(0)2070992101 9:00 - 21:00 GMTE-

Saturday, May 5, 2007

How to Get Started?

It is easy to get started in doing this business. I will guide you step by step.

1. Have an e-gold account. If you do not have an account simply register for free at e-gold. Click this link to register: , Please give your information as details as you apply for a bank account. Your e-gold account number will be sent to your e-mail and you need to verify your account from your e-mail.
2. After having registered at e-gold, now you may use your e-gold account for any online transaction that receive e-gold service. Now if you are intending to invest at A3Union, you may register your self for free. Just click this link:, After directed to the site, click any flag representing language that suits you. You will be directed to login and registration page. Now click register button. Fill up your name, your e-mail and your e-gold account number. Make a unique password. Fill up representante local ID = 275. And lastly fill up turing number that displays at its side.
3. Now you are done! Just open up your e-mail to see your account number sent by A3Union and you need to verify your account, if asked to do so.

4. Now, your administrative requirements are done. What you need now is to get e-gold (that is changing your money into e-gold). There are many ways to get e-gold. First, you may get it from e-gold buy and sale sites from your country. For example, if you are in Malaysia, just search buy e-gold at (restrict your search only on your country). Second, you may buy from You can buy e-gold from independent exchange service listed at e-gold site. But, for your information, they are independent from e-gold corporation. You may get them at this link:

5. If you got a seller, don't forget to tell him your e-gold account number (account number may be shown to public, just like your bank account, but never reveal your passphrase!). When the transaction is done, you may check your e-gold balance in your e-gold account.

6. Now your e-gold account has virtual gold that could be valued in any currency, dollar, ringgit, euro etc. What you have to do is now to deposit some or all of your gold into A3Union. Just login into your A3Union account. Your A3Union account has been linked to your e-gold account since your registration. Make a deposit via e-gold. Make sure that your deposit at A3Union does not exceed your e-gold value. After determining a number of deposit (say $100) and choosing one of four portfolio provided by A3Union, you will be directed to your e-gold account. You'll be asked for your passphrase and you need to conform the payment. One it is done, you'll be redirected into your A3Union account. Well done!!! Just wait the time of maturity to see the result.

7. Tricks: I'm sure if this is your first time experience in online investment, you'll have a feeling of doubt. In order to assure your self, do not deposit big amount, just make a try by investing, say $5, in 2 days portfolio. After two days, see the result. Try to withdraw it into your e-gold account. Then you may plan for a bigger amount to invest. I'm sure after doing all these processes, you will be more convinced and assured to involve your self in this business. Good Luck.